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Learn the fundamentals of Music and Sound Therapy also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy and the true science behind it.


Learn the hows and whys of why most practicioners today are doing it wrong and failing, learn how to avoid the common traps and pitfalls based on conspiracy theories, bad information, and self described new age gurus. 


Become your better self today, a more relaxed self, a more confident self, an awake alert self, a self with improved memory and cognitive functionality, the self you aspire to be.


Awaken your inner self and discoveer the best of you still sleeping inside you.


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The advancements of our era have ushered in a revolution of new technologies, products, ideas, etc and while advancements will continue to advance the other truth is if it aint broke don't fix it.


Sometimes we overlook the fact that we actuall did certain things better in times that now no one remembers, when all we have are artifacts and remnants of ancient architecture left.


Yet these remains paint an enormous picture of ancient societies that were practicing and doing things that are now forgotten mysteries to mankind where all we can do is postulate as to what it was all about.


Some things how ever transcend through all the ages and were perfect from day one.


We have the benefit of taking the best of the old world and combining it with the best and the latest technology that mankind has created and we are now as a species performing what was once considered miracles, or make believe.


We now have the tools at our desposal to to the research and developement needed into subject matter that was once considered esoteric or taboo.


One such subject matter is the healing of the human body by the use of sound.


This is just one of the ancient practices that mankind as a whole has amnesia about as knowledge like this was kept at the top and it seems over time was either forgoten about or not transferred down correctly, either way this knowledge has become lost to the masses and to make it worse inepts and charlatans have come out further murking up the truth of the real hidden knowledge of healing through sound and vibrational forces.


The ancient vedic knew and taught this to all, and originally and at the heart of it the Bible is a metaphor for the human body and it's teachings are really about taking care of that temple, but that is a topic for another day.


Science and fact have become the driving force for modern medicine and huge advancements have been made because of this.


One such field to see scientific advancements is in the field of Music and Sound Therapy. For ages, ancient civilizations seemed to know something modern civilizations forgot, but are now remembering.


The advances in science for sound and electromagnetic healing are the driving force behind the treatment of such thing like cancer by using sound frequency in the form of radio waves (radiation therapy) to get rid of tumors.


Currently doctors and scietist are working on safer ways of healing with sound and frequencies without the side affect of the current method.


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