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Listen to MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT anywhere "YOU" listen to "YOUR MUSIC", as the music of MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT is available on a multitude of music listening platforms and social media sites such as:






Apple Music

iHeart Radio

and so many more, the music of MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT is available at over 150 digital platforms across 200 countries


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Read books, novels, and short stories written by MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT anywhere you buy books!


Novels and Books by MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT are available at most major book outlets including:





and many more


Short Stories Series for MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT''s "Jukebox Books" availavle EXCLUSIVELY at


along with, "Shea Nanna Ginns" & Brainmazing

Social Media...


While you may find accounts for MARK CHRISTOPHER GARRETT on many social media platforms across the internet most are created by automated bots, others may be created by copycat accounts, so for the safety and security of my fans and subscribers and myself all official accounts will be listed and linked to here. Furthermore certain official accounts will no longer be attended to daily but left up for archival purposes only. It seems these social media platforms are intrusive and place to many cookies etc on my device which bogs it down, so I will only be commuincating with my fans via this site, as well as YouTube for now, if that changes I will inform eveyone via the MCG Sound Science Newsletter.

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