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Learn the fundamentals of Music and Sound Therapy also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy and the true science behind it.


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Become your better self today, a more relaxed self, a more confident self, an awake alert self, a self with improved memory and cognitive functionality, the self you aspire to be.


Awaken your inner self and discoveer the best of you still sleeping inside you.


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Noise pollution is all around us, even when you sleep . . .


Sounds like a plot to a bad movie but the truth is noise pollution is affecting us every day in ways that we may not be able to see or even be aware of.


My wife and I will always joke that she finds it quite out in the country while I find it just as loud as the city.


You see what she hears in the city is the noise pollution of all the cars going by all the time randomly, as well as the louder trucks and motorcycles. Then you have those with loud radios or perhaps vehicles with sirens again randomly passing by. You then have the sounds of those around you, so if you are in a public place that can raise up the noise pollution significantly. 


Now we have the noise of all the machines as well contributing to the noise pollution factor, people in the distance using jackhammers, and lawn maintenance crews using power chainsaws, blowers, and mowers.


You try to drown it all out with the radio or maybe some t.v. yet the constact commercials are just more noise and t.v. shows are the worst kind of noise, car crashes, explosions, people yelling, bad sound effects, need I say more, yet its all there to burry the outside noise, but does it, not really and ultimately it just contributes to it as well.Further more it covers up even more noise pollution most never notice until bedtime and that is the constant humming or the refrigerator, and posibly the A.C., or heater, maybe even a running toilet in the back ground, all this noise pollution and you haven't even said a word or made a peep.


When we are out in the country she feels at peace and relaxed because she no longer hears all that noise pollution . . . and that is when I laugh and point out that nothing has changed, if we are in the woods one can still hear the constant noise pollution of mosquitos buzzing as well as other flying insects, but to add to the noise pollution there are also crikets non stop in the distance as well as toads, then the owls come out and start hootin, its like a regular forest concert, and while it all may be beautiful cause its nature and all, it is still noise pollution if one is seeking silence. If we stay at the beach same thing, even when camping there is the constant sound of the waves coming and going and againd while it may be soothing it is none the less noise pollution for those seeking complete silence.


So what are the reprocusions of all this unwanted noise pollution? Well for starters it can cause a lot of undue stress and anxiety, more over it can cause physical pain such as headaches, even nausia, and or vomiting.


Long term effects can be even more devastating as it has lasting effects on the mind body and soul.


The real problem is most dont even know why they are feeling the way they do and will often times attribute the ailment to something else. This happens more than you might realize and sends people to look for treatments in other areas where none are.


While temporary remedies might aleviate the symtoms they are always short lived and seem to return with greater intensity.


So what is the solution and how can one know if they are being effected by the noise pollution around them within their daily lives.


The science on this is proven, you are an ascilating entity made up primarily of water and we all know how water reacts to sound. We also now have confirmed that all cells resonate at their own frequency, and we can isolate these frequencies and defines them.


Sound baths are a good way to cleanse oneself from all the noise pollution they have absorbed into their psyche 


A sound bath can be any noise that is relaxing or soothing to you no matter what it is. All one needs to do is shut out the other noises and submerse themself into the soundbath. For more information on how to create your own sound baths suited for you then sign up for the Sound Science News letter where we will deep dive into everything noise, sound, and music and how it relates to healing the mind body and soul.


The art of healing oneself with music was first introduced by Plato who even composed some music with that intent behind the songs themselves. Some would argue that our ancestors new more than they let on which is why churches and schools always sang songs, played organs and assembled to chant vocally out loud as in prayer. They even summoned the times by using sound via a bell as churches would and still do ring them on the hour and schools still ring a bell to change classrooms.


Recently major mainstream outlets and medical authorities have been publishing new information on the science of healing with noise, electromagenetics, sound and music. This medical field is gainning in popularity and interest  amoung the progessionals as we now have the advancements needed in the medical field to perform the experiments needed that could not be done before so if you are interested in the latest information regarding Music and Sound Therapy then you might want to subscribe to the Sound Science Newsletter, and for all those interested I will be putting together a system that anyone can do based on the science of sound to aid with various therapys.


There is so much that sound and music can do to alleviate ailing symptems that may be bringing you and your lifestyle down. Find out more today by subscribbing to our free newsletter.

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