Music & Sound Therapy

Learn the fundamentals of Music and Sound Therapy also known as Vibroacoustic Therapy and the true science behind it.


Learn the hows and whys of why most practicioners today are doing it wrong and failing, learn how to avoid the common traps and pitfalls based on conspiracy theories, bad information, and self described new age gurus. 


Become your better self today, a more relaxed self, a more confident self, an awake alert self, a self with improved memory and cognitive functionality, the self you aspire to be.


Awaken your inner self and discoveer the best of you still sleeping inside you.


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Music and sound therapy are nothing new mankind has been using it for healing going back as far as mankind itself.  Native traditions such as Reiki, Kundalini and other forms of magnetic or frequency healing are all derivatives of this ancient knowledge.


Today modern scientific research has brought the science of Music and Sound Therapy into modern practical medicine and out of the hocus pocus voodoo superstitions that modern mystics ond pseudo science charlatans reinact and portray without having or posessing the fundamental understanding or knowledge of what they are doing, just the basic underlying principles. This has caused a lot of confussion and set backs to the official science of Music and Sound Therapy as these have lead to countless conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated unfactual statements. However equally disturbing is the amount of factual and accurate information that has not been discussed or taught about properly, nd the combination of all of these scenerios has given the field an over all ambiguous reputation with some believing it to be the holy grail of salvation and others that it is nothing but made up make believe nonsense. 


The truth is science and medicine have always been a part of sound and vibrational frequency healing from the Anunaki, to the Egyption, to the MesoAmerican Tribes, all the way through to Greece and eventually Rome.


Modern science and medicine has picked up where these civilizations have left off, building upon their research and knowledge while being able to fully explore and amplify modern results via computer modulation and similation, in concert with an array of new tech, nowledge and data bases not available to those of prior generations.


Music and Sound Therapy have now graduated out of the stone ages and into the future and that future is now!


As the benefactors and recipients of all this research and knowledge it falls upon us to continue its research into the beyond and to use what we have learned already for the benefit of mankind while at the same time exposing fraudulent information that has been widely disseminated over time.


A lot of the fraudulent information has set people down the wrong paths in healing their magnetic system, but this is minor as to the damage that has been done to the belief system of those that fell down these rabbit holes, and believe me you we all do including myself which is why I felt it important to get to the bottom of it all as I myself needed to know the truth and more importantly how to use this information and knowlege properly.


I too fell down some rabbit holes buying into the whole you need to listen to frequency 852Hz for love or 174Hz to heal. Some of you may have even have heard of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Machine invention touted to cure all disease including cancer.


While listening to certain so called frequencies can be very relaxing to the mind and put you in a different state than what you were in before listening the fact is it is not doing what you think it is and is probably not even the real frequency you think it is either, the truth is all of those stories have some truth to them which make them so believable yet they really do leave out all the details the real nitty gritty and that is why they fail while being so close to performing what they claim to be able to do.


The other detail that most leave out and we need to draw that distinction here and now is there is a difference between Music & Sound Therapy and Sound/Frequency Medical Treatment and if you do not understand the differnce between the two no worries we will break it down, Music and Sound Therapy are great lifestyle choices that use preventative measures along with proper diet, and excercise to live the best life you can live, to make your days more vibant, more focused, more energetic; where as Sound/Frequency Medical Treatment which started out as "Radionics" coined by Dr. Albert Abrams and has sense developed into "Radiation Treatment" so if you need medical attention please seek it from your health provider as this information is for living healthier lifestyles as opposed to physical bodily treatment. I leave it up to each and everyone of you to do your own research and to make up your own dicisions and that what I offer is not to be considered medical advice, and that I am not a licensed or a practicing physician in any State or Country.


What I have learned and what I have put into a practical application that anyone can do for themselves is to restore a true foundational practice with exercises one needs to physically perform in order to achieve the result wanted, this is the key, some of you already know this but yet so many do not and think they can just listen to something and while listening to something is soothing and relaxings and will change your brain waves to a relaxed state so will listening to anything relaxing such as ambient noise or birds chirping what it will not do however is acheived the desired goals you may have in mind.


Music and Sound Healing can allow you to live a better life and this has been scientifically proven this is why carrying mothers are told to listen to soothing or uplifting music as well as to read and to talk to the child, this is partially because the human voice falls into the frequency range of the kundalini and is soothing to the child.


Science has proven that listening to music can lower your anxiety, blood pressure, pain, as well as to improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory acording to John Hopkins dot org, and acording to the American Psycological association listening to and playing music increases the bodies production of the antibody immunoglobulin A, the cells that attack viruses and boost the immune systems effectiveness. Music also reduces the stress hormone cortisol.


So music has already been proven scientifically to heal the human body and this is without changing the frequencies that everyone keeps talking about.


Well first off these frequencies represent diferent chakras or plexi of the human body, again based in science, and just converting over a recorded song or even composing it originally in lets say 396Hz which is the Root Chakra would not actually be 396Hz and most likely would have no benefit over your Root Chakra, again it would be very soothing and relaxing to listen to, but it would not be doing what you think it is doing. I explain why this is in detail and how we can use this knowledge to actually produce a real system of sounds and frequencies that actually work for the purpose they say they do to acheive the results we all want to acheive.


Mankind is at the height of scientific discovery we have so much technology at our fingertips yet at the heart of it we have lost our way from the old ways and seem to have a societal amnesial over what our ancesters were trully capable of. 


We are just now able to put together a comprehensive program and study guide for all those interested in using Music or Sound Therapy to enhance your lifestyle using factual scientific information.


We break it all down in a simple illustrated manner so anyone can learn the proper simple techniques to benefiting from the proper use of Music and Sound Therapy.


One thing most need to consider, Music and Sound Therapy is like any other organic experiance it has a full spectrum and it is becouse of this full spectrum as to why most of those doing what they are currently doing are failing.


The truth is each of us needs to find our "Temperament" Harmonic, this is the frequency you are at the moment and can vary for many different reasons.


I go over all of this and more in my Sound Advice Newsletter which you can subscribe to for free where you will get all the latest information in Music and Sound Therapy as well as in depth coverage of modern medical updates and procedures regarding this subject. The Sound Advice Newsletter goes into the details of historical sound healing as well as reike and electromagnetic healing.


Through these ancient techniques we can now combine modern tech to deliver a full spectrum Music and Sound Therapy treatment program suited to the individual person.

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